Computer Games Part 5

1 Zelda a link to the past

2 Zelda links awakening

3 Zelda

4 Zelda Twilight Princess

Computer games part 4

1 resident evil 5

2 sniper elite

3 sonic

4 super mario bros

5 super mario world

6 tenchu

7 tiger woods 2007

8 tiger woods 2009

9 tomb raider

10 zelda 2

Computer Games part 3

1 mario 3

2 mario kart

3 medal of honor 

4 metal gear solid 3

5 mickey mouse castle of illusion

6 oblivion

7 punch out

8 quackshot

9 red dead redemption

10 resident evil 4

Computer Games part 2

1 forza motorsport

2 gears of war

3 grand theft auto 3

4 grand theft auto vice city

5 grand theft auto

6 grand turismo 4

7 grand turismo

8 hogs of war

9 kid icarus

10 super mario 2

Computer Games Part 1

1 assassins creed

2 battlefield bad company

3 bioshock

4 blades of steel

5 call of duty

6 die hard trilogy

7 driver

8 f-zero 

9 fable 2

10 forza 2

 Films and Posters part 7

1 Trainspotting. I love this film Ervine Welch has out done himself with this the whole thing the sound track, the story and all the characters are brilliant, and although its essentially about the pit falls of heroin use it lauched Ewan Mcgregors acting career in america with out this film he would never of been in the star wars films.  

2 Uncle Buck. I love this film it proper tickles me about this uncle no one likes, until he teaches the family he looks after to love themselves again. a very funny and touching film. 

3 Wedding Singer. I like this Adam Sandler film I think because of the silly 80s connection, It has some great moments in it. I think that it must have a wide appeal as my grandad bought it, which I thought was a tad strange.

4 Zoolander. This is the best Ben Stiller film by far, Its just so stupid and it plays on that to it has some very funny moments but the best is when he is trying to be a coal miner and all he does is pose.

5 Zulu. I watched this with my grandad I liked it for the fact that even though they are outnumbered 5 trillion to one the win, shows of the british steel and guile that is lacking in british society these days.

Films and Posters part 5

1 Planes Trains and automobiles. This one of my all time favorites its a really great road movie and buddy film, I love nearly all the john hughes films form the 80s

2 platoon. I like this film because when it first came out I wasnt allowed to watch it as it was to bad for me I was only seven when it was released so when I was a little older I watched it what a great war film about the vietnam war but also about taking sides. 

3 Police Story. This was another film from the friday night channel 4 series that I watched its a great film so amazing chase and fight scenes in it. Its one of them films if you have never seen any early Jackie Chan films this is one to check out.

4 Predator. This was another of dodgy bobs borrowed films I thought of another Commando how wrong was I. This film scared me I thought ‘oh god that thing is awesome’ and how he kills it at the end is really good.

5 Pulp fiction. This is one of Tarantino’s finest films I love it for all the hype that surrounds the briefcase and what is in it whether its gold or the secret to eternal life, no one will ever know for sure but none the less a great film shot really well on a low budget.

6 Quadrophenia. I saw this film after my friend was getting into the scooter scene I thought it was really good, it also introduced me to The Who It shows of the sixties in a different light to other films around.

7 Raiders of the lost Ark. This is still one of my favorite films of all time I watched it with my grandad growing up. If its on I will watch it. It still grabs my attention every time I see it. I have to sit down and watch it.

8 Rambo. I like this film as I had the figures, this was one of the first films to release toys around a film especially as it wasn’t aimed at children it was an eighteen rating.

9 Reservoir Dogs. After seeing Pulp Fiction I wanted to see his other films so I went out and got this. I like it because of its oddness and how its not your usual gangster flick.

10 Role Models. I watched this after my mate said it was a good film so he got it and we watched it I like the character who is Mclovin in Superbad he plays Argy its so funny and geeky

Films and Posters Part 4

1 Leon. This is Luc Besson’s finest film although a little odd in places a good film about friendship. The end scene is still great where leon takes out all the cops all by himself. 

2 Life of Brian. I saw this after watching Holy Grail to see why it caused so much outrage at the time and Mary Whitehouse campaigning for it to be banned and people protesting outside cinemas. I personally love this film for its parody on God and religion as I think its all a load of chinese whispers to start with.

3 Man on Fire. I saw this after watching Training Day and in my eyes its equally as good as that film the way he gets revenge on all the people involved in the kidnapping is great.

4 Christmas Vacation. This is my all time favorite Christmas film and I often try to borrow it of my friend but he never lets me as its a Christmas film and you can only watch it at Christmas he is right, It does show how fun it can be though as Christmas is always stressful.

5 Vacation. I saw this film growing up and have loved it ever since only watching it again for the umpteen millionth time last week. This film is so good It makes me want to travel across america singing “Holiday Road” 

6 Observe and Report. We watched this on thursday film night after two other friends saw it and said it was a bit strange, the comedy was a tad to near the bone, about some scenes but I just took it for a good comedy film.

7 Old School. This is my friends favorite film, it would of been in my top ten all time films if it wasn’t for him watching it so much I lost count of the times that I had to go down stairs and switch of the dvd as it was going round on the root menu at the beginning of the film even now I can still sing the theme tune it was stuck in my head so much.

8 Once upon a time in the west. This is another of Sergio Leone’s great films staring Charles Bronson, the role was set out for Clint Eastwood but he turned it down, I think it was a bold move and the opening scene is amazing waiting for the train to turn up and then he shoot all of them. A great film for its cinematography.

9 Outlander. This film was put back and back on its release in the cinema god knows why as its a great film with a good storyline. If you haven’t seen this film I recommend you watch it. 

10 Paul. I went to the cinema to see this the other week and was really glad I did as its a great film with loads of throw backs to other sci-fi films and the alien Paul is so funny drinking beer, getting stoned and having a great time along the way. A really good road movie.

Films and Posters part 3

1 Get Carter. I saw this film after there was a re-realise of a special edition. I throughly enjoyed it the best bit for me is when he throws Alf Roberts off Coronation Street over a car-park. A good gritty dark english revenge film. It must of been good as america had to do a re-hash of it that as usual was truly awful.

 2 Gremlins. I first saw this at my cousins after dodgy bob had been round and we sat and watched it all together at first it scared me then I couldn’t stop laughing this is now one of my films to watch at christmas.

3 Happy Gilmore. This film was on whilst I was on holiday in a caravan my friend had gone to bed early and it came on I thought what the hell is this?. I laughed so loud my friend got up again and we ended up watching it. When I got back from holiday I showed it to my other friend who bought it on dvd and the watched it every night for weeks until it broke.

4 Holy Grail. I saw this film on channel 4. I thought what the hell is this all about but then I realized this is a great film some of the bits in are so funny, it made me want to watch all the other monty python stuff.

5 Hot Fuzz. After Shaun of the Dead came out I thought that Pegg and Frost where really good so I got Spaced to watch, I came to see that they were both comedy geniuses so I had to see this especially as it said “Lethal Weapon meets The Bill’ a great film. 

6 Three Amigos. This was another dodgy bob classic that me and my cousins watched together what a great stupid film love it. The best part is the dance that they do.

7 Inglorious Bastards. I watched this film after listening to all the hype about it, and I thought well it is a war film, by far the best character is played by Christopher Waltz who is called Col Hans Landa, the scene where he is talking to a farmer about the whereabouts of some escaped jews is the best in the film.

8 Italian Job. This is a classic sixties film about britishness at its best. The song ‘self preservation society’ is now sung by England’s football fans. Its a great film about sticking it to the man.

9 Kung Fu hustle. This was one of the films introduced to me by friend who is really into these films, we now call them ‘whop chop’ films we have seen so many of them all of them great and stupid really funny in places.

10 Kung Fu Panda. I watched this after seeing all the other kung fu films and thought it would be good I cant wait for the second film to come out.

Films and Posters Part 2

1 Dead Mans Shoes. I first watched this on film 4, after seeing it I just went out and bought it, I watched it six times in a week with various friends after every time they were like thats the best revenge film Ive ever seen, and I have to agree. I love the twist at the end to just blows me away.

2 Dead snow. My friend brought this round on our weekly film night on a Thursday as he is into his horror films, I have to say this is such a funny film despite all the gore and as a zombie films go this is one of the best, if you haven’t seen it go out and buy it.

3 Dirty Harry. This is in my top ten favorite films I love this film and have seen it so many times how on earth anyone could carry a gun that big and still walk is beyond me, I love all Clint Eastwood films my dog is even named after him.

4 District 9. I saw this on my weekly film night round at my friends. It was the first blueray I watched. I like it because of the low budget used and the story its such a different take on an alien film.

5 District 13. I watched this after my friend was getting into the training needed for park ore and he came across it the chase scenes in this film are so good to watch all done in one take a great film.

6 Dusk till dawn. I saw this film and had no clues as to the ending I was like what the hell is going on here! It just blew me away so much so I had to watch it again just to make sure I wasn’t seeing things.

7 Educating Rita. I got this film free in the paper and thought I’ll give it a watch as there was so much hype around this film when it came out. I was pleasantly surprised its a good film.

8 Fistful of Dollars. see below

9 For a few Dollars More, pictures 8,9 and 10. All of these are in my top 10 films I love them all for the settings, music and the colors used. I love all of Sergio Leone’s films they get better and better as the series goes along. Also I love all the film posters the compositions used are wonderful showing of a time when film posters where all hand painted.

10 The good the bad the ugly. see above